Valentines Fun

With all of the snow we have been getting lately, I have had to take my running indoors. I would much rather run outside, but knowing the Cowtown half-marathon is only 18 days away I know I have to do it. Runners World has some great treadmill workouts that can help keep you focused.

My breakfast before my run on the treadmill.
Half of a Healthy Multi Grain Sandwich Rounds from Natures Own with one egg and sliced tomato. I drank my spark and took my catalyst then went to do my run on the treadmill.

My treadmill run for the day.

-Warm up at 4.0 for 5 minutes
– Speed up jog at 5.4 for 10 minutes
– Run at 6.0 for 7 minutes
– Slow jog at 5.4 for 10 minutes
– Run at 6.0 for 7 minutes
– Slow jog at 5.4 for 5 minutes
– Run at 6.0 for 7 minutes
– Drop walk for 1 minute
– Speed up 5.4 for 7 minutes
– Cool down at 4.0 for 5 minutes

Jayson had to leave for work so the kids and I made lunch. Lily helped with the salad toppings. She loves snacking on sliced red, yellow, or orange bell peppers. Did you know they have more vitamin c than an orange? Pretty cool.
Tomatoes, cucumbers, and sliced yellow bell peppers

We had tons of Valentines to make for their party at school, so I went with a quick fix of Wolfgang Puck organic lentil soup.

After lunch we made homemade Valentines for their teachers and classmates. We actually used things that were already around the house.
For the kids we used construction paper and foam shape stickers. Our theme was “love bugs” for the most part. I got some of these ideas from Great kid craft website.

Materials you will need:
– Construction paper
– Scissors
– Foam shape stickers
– Pen or marker for writing

We used yellow construction paper and made caterpillars for the boys, but I forgot to take pictures. Sorry!
Next, we made heart necklaces for the teachers out of recycled cardboard. I got this idea from www.alittlehut.comAnother great crafty website! It is actually under a “yarn gift tag” on her website.
Materials you will need:
– Yarn
– Cardboard
– Heart template (you can download on

Final product!

The kids and I had fun making these. It was more work for Mom, but all in all it was wonderful making these memories with my kids. I hope you and your loved ones have a fabulous Valentine’s Day!


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  1. Love it! Looks great!

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