Homemade Popsicles

Well he is here! I’ll give you a hint…kids love him, but Mom’s waist line does not. It’s the Ice Cream Man! Luckily, you can hear him coming a mile away. Here are my favorite guys, David Zinczenko with Matt Gaulding on The Best and Worst Ice Cream Truck Treats.

Ice cream truck!! Pictures, Images and Photos

All week we have been in the 70’s here in Texas. Everyday we have heard the ice cream truck coming. We usually make Jessica Seinfeld’s recipe of Yogurt Pops from her Deceptively Deliciouscookbook, but I have found a faster recipe that is also nutritious I would like to share.
I found these Jamba Juice smoothie bags in the freezer section at our local grocery store.
You add 8oz of apple juice per bag. We used our favorite Apple and Eve and blend on low for 20 seconds. Once mixture is broken up, blend on high for 60 seconds.
The mixture (one bag) made about 9 Popsicles. We made 7 and the kids had a little taste test of the smoothie. It was a success!
They were delicious and loaded with vitamin C! Please feel free to share your healthy homemade Popsicle recipe. 🙂


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