Going Organic On A Budget

I hear so many people talk about how expensive it is to eat healthy and/or organic. “I just can afford it.” My question is, can you afford not to eat healthy and/or organic? Think about the cost of medical bills for being sick, medications, or even disease.
I took my husband’s version of “the 7 P’s” that he learned from the United States Marine Corps and applied it here. 😀 Prior Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. With a little planning with your budget and prioritizing you can go a long way with keeping you and your family healthy.
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Here are some tips on going organic on a budget that I use.

– Make your list before you go to the store to avoid impulse shopping.

– Prioritize! Think of ways you can budget and make healthy food a priority. Such as shopping at thrift stores, limiting eating out to special occasions, or even a cheaper cable package. The money you will save can be spent on healthy nutritious food. Ask yourself, do I want this new outfit or organic whole foods for my family and myself?

– Make sure to store the food properly to avoid wasting it. Freeze the items that will not be used in time.

– Plant a garden and grow some of your own organic food. We grow onions, peppers, tomatoes, and a variety of herbs. All of which can be used in any dish. I am very excited to expand my garden this year.
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– Shop at your local farmers market. We are joining a local CSA. www.localharvest.org can help you find farmers markets, family farms, and other great sources of sustainably grown food near you.

– Join the Meatless Monday Movement! www.meatlessmonday.com Cutting back on meat just once a week can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity. It can also help reduce our carbon footprint and save resources like fossil fuel and fresh water.
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– Have a soup/stew day. At the end of the week go through the fridge and clear out the veggies that might be on their last leg. Throwing them into your soup can make for a delicious meal. You can also make lentil soup. Beans and legumes are not only healthy for you, they are also budget-friendly. Don’t forget to freeze your left overs! 😉

– Know what to buy organic. We can’t afford to buy everything organic. I try to stay away from produce that is high in pesticide contamination, hormones, and choose their organic alternative.
Here is The “Dirty Dozen” cheat sheet.
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I am definitely not 100% organic or the greenest person, but I do what I can when I can. I believe any step even the small ones can make a huge difference. What are your budget-friendly going organic tips that you would like to share?


4 responses to “Going Organic On A Budget

  1. That’s the exact dirty dozen sheet I keep in my wallet. I printed it out and did the poor man’s laminate job on it with packing tape, and it stays in my wallet at all times! That way, I always have it on me.

  2. Love it Les

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