A Trip to Sprouts Farmers Market + Some of My Favorites

I took my weekly trip to Sprouts yesterday. I picked up some great items I want to share with you. Ahi tuna is always a must have for us. They usually have it on sale and since we sear it we want it to be sushi grade tuna.
$8.99 a pound

These two are my new favorites!
Chia Seedand Amazing Grass GreenSuperFood Both leaving you feeling amazing and provide great energy.
I also picked up a snack favorite for Jayson.
Wasabi Peas (dehydrated peas coated with wasabi powder)

So of course we had seared Ahi tuna for dinner. Jayson has it down to an art. We LOVE it! Even the kids! We marinate ours for a couple of hours in low-sodium organic tamari (it’s organic soy sauce), and minced garlic. First, we start dinner off with the kid’s favorite appetizer.
Steamed edamame.

Then comes the tuna.
Love it!
If there is a Sprouts near you, take advantage of their Wednesday double deal day. šŸ™‚

This morning I had what I like to call my “power toast”. I like to have it when I have a long run that day. I use Ezekiel sprouted grain bread which I get at Sprouts.
I toast it and top it with almond butter. The toast being warm right out of the toaster makes the almond butter spread easier. I sprinkle a little chia seed and there you have it. Power toast. I also had some Kombucha. I love this stuff!

Before I went on my run I had to make my version of the Green Monster.
It’s made with green apple, lemon, ginger root, with a shot of wheatgrass.
First I juice the wheatgrass in my wheatgrass juicer.
Then I juice the apple, lemon, and ginger in my fruit and vegetable juicer. The key here is you have to use green apples. It doesn’t taste the same with red apples. The wheatgrass is sweet so it balances the sour taste from the green apple and lemon.
I put the wheatgrass shot in with the other juice and whala!
Final Product! Enjoy a delicious sweet, sour, and a tad spicy treat. It will leave you feeling vibrant and energized. šŸ™‚

Health benefits for: wheatgrass, lemons, Ginger root.

I’m thinking I need to name my “green monster”. Any suggestions?
Have a beautiful weekend!



2 responses to “A Trip to Sprouts Farmers Market + Some of My Favorites

  1. How about you call it the pineapple leaf?

  2. Or the lemonade leaf

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