Easy Tips for Making Your Easter a Little Greener

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Let’s see…there really isn’t very many Eco-friendly things about Easter. You have your plastic grass with your plastic eggs. You have your wide variety of candy that has way too much sugar and dyes that can be harmful for our bodies. I guess at least most Easter egg hunts take place outdoors… 😉

Here are a few tips on making your Easter a little more green.

* We started with our Easter baskets. My mother bought the kid’s their very own personalized Easter baskets from Pottery Barn. This way we reuse the basket each year. Aren’t they adorable?!

* You can make your own homemade food coloring for dying your eggs. 🙂 We use blueberries for blue, beets for red, blackberries for violet, and spinach for green. www.corn-gluten-foodallergies.com is a great website for ideas on how to make your own food coloring. Pottery Barn also has a Eco-friendly egg dye kit that is made from organic fruit, vegetable, and plant extracts.

* You can make homemade play dough in pastel colors, make your own natural finger paint, and crayola usually has egg shaped chalk this time of year. You can always take an extra step and continue the egg hunt on as a scavenger hunt. It’s more outdoor activity. 🙂

* I know the hardest part for me is the candies and chocolates for the kids. Some good alternatives aside from WalMart’s candy selection is YummyEarth’s organic lolly pops, gummy bears, or gummy worms.

* You can recycle your paper egg cartons by making them into plant containers or seed starters. Just poke a few holes in the bottom for drainage, fill 3/4 with potting soil, plant seeds, and place in a sunny window. For more ideas on recycling your egg cartons, check out www.familycorner.com.

Please feel free to share your going green for Easter ideas!

Happy Easter!


One response to “Easy Tips for Making Your Easter a Little Greener

  1. I didn’t know Pottery Barn had those vegetable dyes! I love the Easter baskets you all got! So cute.

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