Jaydon’s Preschool Graduation

My sweet Jaydon (aka Turkey) graduated preschool! A special thanks to all of the wonderful teachers and staff at Weekday Childrens Ministries. It was a huge step for me to trust you with Jaydon when he turned three. Now, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. We have came away with wonderful memories and great friends. 🙂
My how time has flown. I still remember being pregnant with him like it was yesterday. Jaydon is so very special because he made me a Mother. A precious gift that no one else can give. He is such a joy to be around. He is a kind hearted and fun loving child. I was just telling my Aunt the other day how I spent a lot of time when I was pregnant thinking of all the “important” life lessons I wanted to teach him, not even realizing all that he would teach me. Babies are so wonderful. They only think with love in their hearts. They are so happy, kind, and trusting. Who wouldn’t want to be around such a magnificent being?
Thank you Jaydon for all that you have given and given back to me. I will forever cherish this day while watching you grow.



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