Hello! My name is Leslie Jones. Welcome. The Blooming Green Life is a healthy living blog that documents my experiences as a wife and mother trying to raise a family that is Eco-friendly and helps preserve the environment for our future generations. It also documents my food and fitness habits as I strive to find balance in my busy lifestyle. I desire to motivate and inspire other women to put themselves back on the list!

Here is a little more about me…I grew up in the south eating southern style cooking. In case you are wondering that consists of a lot of fried and deep fried foods. Haha. I married my high school sweetheart in 2001 and we moved to southern California while he was in the United States Marine Corps. That is where I was introduced to healthy living. I met my best friend Sunny. Sunny and her family taught me so much about healthy food, Spirituality, holistic living and keeping a healthy balance. We lived in a small town and I had one of the best jobs in town and that was at the bank. I still made the decision to quit my job and start working at the local Health Food Store/Cafe.
Jayson was at war at this time and I had to do what was mentally healthy for me, and that was doing something I was passionate about. I went on to learn about vitamins, herbs, organic foods, and the benefits of fresh juices. Sunny and I became inseparable while our husbands were over seas. She taught me how to make tofu and Ahi tuna. She also took me for my first sushi experience in Palm Springs. I have been hooked ever since. I taught Sunny about exercise and the benefits of fresh juices. Needless to say Sunny changed my life, for the better. We may be miles apart these days but we talk regularly and when we do get the chance to get together, it is like we were never apart. I love you Sunny!
I have been taking baby steps since then towards a healthier
lifestyle. The next step I made was to buy only organic foods and that decision came after I had my first child, Jaydon. I wanted only what I felt was the best for him. I breastfed as long as my body let me which was 4 months and then I gave him organic formula. When
it was time for food I gave him only organic baby food. Gerber and Earths Best is what we used. My next step was to go more “green”. I started recycling and switched out my toxic cleaning products for more green products. Then came Lily. I made the next step when it came to baby food I made homemade organic baby food. You can read more about my going green experience at my Going Green Page.

I believe a lot of women start to put themselves on the back burner when they become wives or mothers. It’s in our nature to take care of the ones we love. I had already started this process when I became a wife. It was the same once I became a mother, the list only got longer, then it got to a point that I wasn’t even on the list anymore. I was doing what I could to take care of everyone else and at the end of the day I was too tired for me, so I just didn’t do me. It was after Lily that I discovered my passion for running. Running taught me to put myself back on the list. I was already an active person, but it was time to take my fitness to a new level. I already walked several miles a day. I tried running and couldn’t even make it down the block. So I started a walk and run routine while Jaydon rode his 4-wheeler and I pushed Lily in the jogging stroller. This is when my first ever running buddy came in Hannah Morris. We then started running together every morning and made the decision to do our first 5k race. You can read more about my running experience at my Races Page.

I love running, working out, and just being active. That is why I decided to make a career move into the fitness and wellness industry. I received my personal trainer certification in January 2009. I wanted to share my personal experience and just better educate people on how to take care of their bodies.

So here I am ready to blog and share my life experiences on running, healthy living, being a Mom, being a police officer’s wife and striving to keep a healthy balance.


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  1. WOW!! This is so awesome! So proud of you!

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