Going Green

My “green” journey really began when I became a mother. I wanted what was best for my family. It is important to me to teach my kids to have a healthy approach to living and that it is not just about your body, but about the Earth, the environment, and the impact our daily decisions have on future generations.

Our Aerogarden

Here are some ways we have gone green and we do them as much as we can and as our budget allows us:

* Buying as much organic food as possible
* Switching toxic cleaning products to more Eco-friendly products. We use Green Works and Seventh Generation products. I also got some great ideas from www.thenewhomemaker.com
* Recycling everything we can.
* We started replacing appliances with EnergyStar appliances.
* We bought organic baby food for Jaydon and I made homemade organic baby food for Lily. Earths BestWas one of my favorite brands of baby food.
* We tossed the sandwich bags and now we use re-usable Tupperware containers for the kids lunches.
* We used biodegradable diapers a lot with Lily. www.gdiapers.com
* We use the re-usable totes for shopping.
* We buy from our local farmers market.
Veggies at a Farmers' Market in Venice Pictures, Images and Photos

Some more things that I would like to do:

* Expand my herb garden
* To have a vegetable garden
* Start composting


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