Welcome! I am so excited to share my running experience with you. I tell everyone that running changed my life. It is my form of meditation. It’s my “me” time that allows me to de-stress and get rid of any negative energy. I feel as though my body, soul, and my entire essence is centered.

Race Recap

My first race was The Vinyard Run (5k) with my very first running buddy, Hannah Morris. When I crossed that finish line I felt a surge of powerful energy pulsating through out my entire body. I finished! I did it! I didn’t come in first or last, but I didn’t care. I accomplished something that at one point I thought was out of my reach. I finished my first race and it felt AMAZING!

And so my passionate love affair with running truly began…

I went on to run more 5k, 10k, and 15k races. My first half marathon was Cowtown January 2010. I placed 2nd in my age group in the Speedway Run (10k) on my 30th birthday. I have also
competed in the Sprint Disco Triathlon the past 2 years.

Speedway Run 5k 2008

Susan G Comen 5k 2008

Marine Corps Mud Run 10k 2009

Sprint Disco Triathlon 2009

Jaydon’s First 1 mile Race 2009

Vinyard Run 5k 2009

My bestfriend Kendra and her daughter MaKenna at the Sprint Disco Triathlon 2010

Speedway Run 10k 2010

Cowtown Half Marathon 2010

Right now I do not have the bug for a marathon, but I do know one is in my future. My goal this year is to keep track of how many
miles I run this year, and now that my children are a little older I would really like to start traveling for races. It is something I have wanted to do for a while now.

The Training Plans I use:

5k Training Program
10k Training Program
15k Training Program
Half Marathon Training Program
Triathlon Training Program


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